A Diet Coach Is The Key To The ‘Easy’ in Easy Diet – Why You Should Have A Coach


Successful athletes and business people all have coaches and mentors. Why shouldn’t you have a diet coach to help you reach your potential?

A coach’s job is to give a different perspective and to help the coached find things, flaws, foibles and missteps, that they are to close to themselves.

During his Tour de France reign, Lance Armstrong repeatedly went to the wind tunnel to figure out where he could shave seconds off his time. His coach noticed a curious habit that Lance had: Every couple of minutes he’d reach back with his left hand and tug on his shorts to adjust them.

He didn’t realize he was doing it until his coach pointed out to him but in a world where every part of the bicycle, every article of clothing and the position and posture of the rider is considered and perfected, and races are one and lost by hundredths of a second, it was a big deal.

Every time he reached back to tweak his shorts he diminished his aerodynamic advantage. It was only costing tiny fractions of seconds each time, but added up over a 30 or 40 mile bike race it could easily mean the difference between winning and losing.

A diet coach brings the same perspective to someone whose race is against the scale.

Those looking for an easy diet can fall victim to rationalization, faith promoting rumors, bad science and worse advice.

Some jump from one diet to another when they don’t get the results they expected or don’t see progress fast enough.

And some quit when they don’t realize that they are losing weight, but that their scale is hiding it from them!

A diet coach can offer a firm grip in the storm and help the person trying to lose weight to recognize obstacles and boogeymen that are trying to knock them off course.

You can find many highly educated diet coaches out there who understand the science and physics behind weight loss, but unless they have battled the bulge themselves they may not have the perspective to really understand what your challenges are.

Coaches for star athletes and successful business people may or may not have been star athletes and entrepreneurs themselves, but you can bet they were in the trenches at some point and know what it’s like to claw for victory.

Choosing a diet coach who has come into the game as a weight loss client is a great way assure that they understand what you are going through and have faced the demons you are now dealing with.

Source by Tom Bradley


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