Benefits of Reconditioning Old Batteries


There are definite benefits to reconditioning old batteries or the ones you currently are using. You are saving yourself money by keeping your current batteries operational and you can pick up old ones for cheap or free and recondition them back to life. Another benefit of being able to reuse batteries is reducing the amount that makes their way to the land fills or disposed of on the side of the road. For those who are concerned about the contaminating of this earth, being able to rejuvenate batteries would be a plus.

It is estimated that about 84,000 tons of C, D, and AA batteries are thrown away each year. Think of the savings if those were replaced with rechargeable batteries. The amount of battery trash could be greatly reduced. When you put batteries into your trash, it goes to the landfill and gets mixed in with everything else and eventually breaks down and gets into the soil. If you have access to a hazardous material disposal site, that would be the best way to dispose of them.

Fuji has been working on a land fill safe battery. This battery does not contain mercury, cadmium or PVC and are enclosed in plastic instead of steel. The battery is not rechargeable, but we need to wait to see how useful this one will be. Many of these rechargeable batteries could be reconditioned back to life with simple methods at home, saving even more pollution. A rechargeable battery will definitely reach a time where it no longer charges, but you can rejuvenate them.

Source by Josh Stevens


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