Buying Quality Woodworking Plans


All serious woodworkers know that, before investing time and effort in a woodworking project, it’s important to have a detailed, step by step plan. If you have ever worked at a woodworking project, I’m sure that you know how it feels to see that after having spent a lot of time and effort, your pieces don’t fit well together, or that a design you thought was absolutely gorgeous lacks functionality. How frustrating…

So, if you are shopping around for woodworking plans, here are 5 tips that I’m sure will help you make an informed choice. Professionally created woodworking plans will need to have the following characteristics:

1) Easy to follow and step by step instructions

Quality woodworking plans always have a check list of the tools and materials at the beginning. Of course, they should always have step by step and detailed instructions. Remember that even the smallest mistake in the plan or in its execution can have effects on the quality of your finished project.

2) Blueprints and Photos

Both blueprints with colored figures and actual photos of the finished product should also be included in order to give you an exact idea of what your goal should be.

3) A good range of plans

While focusing on just one project is essential when working at woodworking project, it’s also nice to have different examples at hand. This can help you add variations to the project and still follow clear instructions. However, if you are a beginner, be very careful to introduce changes to the original project. I would suggest to just practice with several projects before adding changes to the plan you are working with.

4) You should be able to follow the plan no matter what your skill level and experience are

Whether you are a professional woodworker or woodworking is something that you have just started as a hobby, the plan should always be easy to follow and leave out any guesswork. However, if you are just starting with woodworking, you are advised to begin with simple plans and progressively move to more involved ones.

5) Cost

As you can imagine, the more detailed and complex a woodworking plan is, the more expensive it could be. Again, if you are just starting with woodworking, it’s pointless to spend a lot of money in super complicated plans. Just accept that it takes time to develop your woodworking skills.

Source by P. Wheeler


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