Gluten Free Diet Plan – Who Needs It?


A Gluten Free Diet Plan is a healthy food diet wherein you will be only eating gluten-free food. Gluten is a protein found in rye, wheat and barley. There are many types of gluten: gliadin from wheat, secalin from Rye, and hordein from Barley. According to medical studies, gluten can cause medical and health issues for those gluten intolerant people or those who have celiac disease. They should not eat food with gluten since it is bad for their small intestine and they might not be able to digest it which can lead to complications. According to reports and statistics, one out of every 133 people has celiac disease. If you have symptoms or have been diagnosed to have a celiac disease, don’t fret since there is food that contain gluten substitutes. Just stick to a this regime for a healthy lifestyle and also reduce the chances acquiring other illnesses like the Mermtitis Herpetiformis, which is a related and serious skin irritation.

Using A Gluten Free Diet To Lose Weight

A Gluten free diet is not only for those who have celiac disease, its also good for those who have weight problems. Why? It has been proven that these kind of food products are high in fibre which easily fills you up. They are also healthy and contain higher calorie content. You can eat gluten free pastries for breakfast like muffins that have no more than 200 calories, pasta or rice meal for lunch or dinner. These food are readily available now in the market, or you can prepare them yourselves since there are lots of diet recipes available online. However, these are quite expensive so your wallet will get thin also.

Gluten Free Diet Plans For Those Who Are Positive For Celiac Disease

As I have mentioned a while ago, this Diet Plan is intended for those who have celiac diseases. If you are positive or have been diagnosed to have such disease, it’s critical to avoid food with gluten because even for a small amount of intake, you will get an autoimmune response that can cause problems in your small intestine. This can lead to other problems like depression or other diseases like diarrhea, skin rashes, and intestinal cancer. As of this writing, there is still no cure for celiac disease and a this plan is the only remedy. If you want to lose weight or have been diagnosed to have a celiac disease, then following a this diet is highly recommendable!

Source by Marlon Caleb Franco


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