How Not To Lose Weight, A True, Scary Story


It was late one night. The house was completely silent lest the spectral sounds of the small branches of the trees hitting against the window. I quickly made my way in the dark to the kitchen only to find AAAAAAAHHHHH! No cookies! What am I going to do?

Okay, I have a weight issue, problem, whatever you want to call it. Like many others, I have yo-yoed my way through life, only to end up with the after-effects of having children (the mommy pooch) and a sedentary job.

That is my life. Not a bad life, right? I have beautiful children, a roof over our heads, food on the table… wait, it always comes back to food!

My typical day used to be, I got up, showered, got dressed, and fixed breakfast. Let’s see, what will it be today? Some fake fruit-filled pastry, donuts, waffles, pancakes? No, pancakes are for the weekend, so scratch that. Running late, so donuts were the pick of the day. I dropped the kids at school and then stopped at the local coffeehouse for a HUGE coffee with syrup, double the sugar and triple on bad days to get that first-of-the morning sugar rush. A bag of chips and a soda for break time. For lunch, I needed something healthy, so I chose a grilled chicken salad with a lot of ranch dressing and an extra-large sweet tea. Afternoon break for me was a candy bar and another soda. Dinnertime consisted of grilled cheeseburgers, fries, slaw, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream with a huge glass of sweet tea.

Wait… wait… wait… what did I do to myself? Well, let’s eat, slaw is a vegetable, right? Mixed with a ton of mayonnaise, not so healthy. Fries were baked, so that was okay, right? I did get my calcium in the cheese which topped that huge burger. I could have had a smaller burger, yep, I could have done that.

We all know how NOT to lose weight, but how do we lose weight without feeling terrified? We have busy lives and grab whatever whenever. It is all about convenience, right. We don’t take time to look at what we eat throughout the day. Yes, I love cheeseburgers, but did I have to pile on the condiments that contain sugar and salt even though I was really hungry?

The excuses could go on and on.

The day has come to see what we eat. It is amazing isn’t it. I mean, just sit down for a sec and think about all the things you eat during the day and evening, right down to that midnight snack that you may conveniently omit from your list (yes I’ve done that).

So, what is one to do with all of our convenience foods that contain junk? That’s right junk! What do they really put in there? And not to mention all the fast food that we love to get on busy and yes, not-so-busy days because we’re too tired to cook and that toy with the meal for the kiddos. But all of it tastes so good, right? Could I really go on another diet that cuts out my favorite foods?

Gaining weight is so easy for many, but getting that extra weight off is scary. What do I need to get healthy? I dream of something that is just for me and only me because I’m different and unique. I’m not a cookie cutter (again with the food) form of an overweight person. I have gone through all those diet plans, exercise routines, and self-help books and tapes to keep me enthused that didn’t work. So, in my never-ending search of that perform program, I realized I can do this myself. I just need to change my habits and the portions of what I eat. I can do this and I can succeed.

Here are a few things that helped me in my weight loss journey:

1. Cut out the sugary, high-fat breakfast foods. Get up a few minutes earlier to have a nutritious, relaxed breakfast to begin your wonderful day.

2. Decrease the chips and candy while at work.

3. If you’re hooked on that coffeehouse luxurious deliciousness, try it in a smaller cup or without syrup or sugar.

4. Cut down on the amount of salad dressing. Try no dressing or use lemon juice to bring out the wonderful flavors of the veggies in the salad. Add nuts or fruit for even more flavor, too!

5. Try cutting down on those sodas (yes even diet sodas).

Start out slowly and cut out or down on only one thing at a time. It’s not that we can’t have our favorite foods, we just need to learn to control our eating habits and over-indulgence of those foods. Weight loss is not as scary as it seems. Here’s to everyone out there and wishing you good luck and loads of success on your way to a successful weight loss routine.

Source by Wil Scott


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