How To Lose Stubborn Fat Belly Quickly


When you see movie stars flaunting their 6 packs and 8 packs, you are left with no option but to look down at your own pot belly and fret about the flab sitting around your midsection. The gym seems like the fastest way to lose stubborn fat belly. It puts you on the fast track to flat abs, but the problem with sudden, intense exercise is that the results are short-lived. The moment you stop you are bound to end up with your pot belly once again.

So, if you’re obsessed with flat abs and want to get rid of stubborn fat belly, it is time to assess your fitness goals and look at health more holistically.

Where do the calories come from?

75% of the results for belly fat loss come from diet. Hence, it is important to eat right. Now, when we say eat right it does not only involve making the right food choices. It calls for a reassessment of your diet to understand where exactly most of the calories come from, after which you can make the necessary tweaks.

It is a good option to reduce fat intake to lose abdominal fat. However, it is a better option to cut the overall calorie intake. The body builds fat deposits when the calorie intake is more than the calorie expenditure. Aim for a colorful plate comprising varied fruits and vegetables. Choose whole grains over refined grains as they support the process of fat burning by synthesizing chemicals that inhibit the formation of fatty deposits. Along with this, you might want to reduce your intake of fast food, sodas and sugary drink as they are calorie dense but nutritionally poor; they add calories without adding any nutrition.

In short, your diet should be low-fat, low-carb and high-protein.

Do not single out the abs

Spot reduction is a myth. An inactive lifestyle is the primary reason for the formation of fatty deposits in the body particularly the abdominal region. However, when working out you cannot only exercise the abdominal muscles and leave out the rest of the body. There is need for a comprehensive workout. This is because the muscle groups are linked and they work in pairs. Thus, working all the muscle groups in the body not only burns fat effectively but also prevents injury.

Exercise for a yummy tummy

Exercise to lose stubborn belly fat quickly includes doing a lot of cardio exercises and weight training. Cardio burns fat by elevating the metabolic rate. Weight training builds muscles and as it is well known muscles burn more calories than fat. A frequency of four times a week is optimal and keeps the body metabolism chugging at a healthy rate. It is best to go for an exercise routine designed and supervised by a professional trainer.

Take it easy

Although weight loss guides claim to give you the fastest ways to lose stubborn fat belly quickly, the truth is that there is no such thing. With weight loss you cannot get results overnight. You have to be patient and let the body work at its own speed. It takes consistent effort and proper planning to achieve a toned mid-riff. Pushing the body beyond its natural capacity will only cause injury. Keep your fitness goals realistic.

Besides the right diet and exercise, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and get enough rest at the end of the day.

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