Naked Boating

Whether you believe it or not, there really is a new trend in boating communities naked boating. Now this isnt something that occurs on every lake or river in the world, but it is happening […]

Motor Boating

Motor boating, also known as power boating or speed boating, is one of the most popular forms of boating. Motor boats have a diverse amount of uses from cruising at a slow speed across the […]

Michigan Boating

You have many options when you decide you want to go boating in Michigan. Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes and has over 11,000 inland lakes. In addition, boaters in Michigan […]

Marine Boating

Marine boating is quickly becoming one of Americas favorite pastimes growing by leaps and bounds from year to year. The feeling you get piloting a boat on the water can be exhilarating and can reduce […]

Lakeland Boating

Lakeland Boating magazine is one of the most popular magazines for boating enthusiasts. Based in Chicago, Lakeland Boating has been the voice of the Sweetwater Seas for more than fifty years. Their magazine offers a […]