Boating Schools

What is a boating school? Basically, it is what it says it a school where you learn what you need to know about boating. The United States Coast Guard recommends that all boaters take an […]

Boating Safety

The most important part about responsible boating is to always practice good boating safety. The United States Coast Guard says that almost all boating accidents could have been prevented if the captain of the ship […]

Boating Moms

When you are on a boating excursion with your family, moms hold a unique position. Its her instinct to protect her children, but she might be yearning to just relax and enjoy a day on […]

Boating Marinas

A boating marina is a port within a sheltered harbor where boats are kept in the water. Boating marinas also offer services that meet the needs of the recreational boater. These services include offering gas, […]

Boating Magazines

There are literally hundreds of boating magazines being published these days probably because of the popularity of this fun sport. Stop into any bookstore and you will find all sorts of magazines dedicated to boating […]

Boating Life

Theres so much to be said for living the boating life. Boaters have their own lifestyles. They live on boats, take their families boating, attend boating events, give boating gifts, have a unique code of […]

Boating License

Like obtaining a drivers license, getting your boating license is a process that you must take seriously. There are many different types of boating licenses, and each state has its own regulations regarding who may […]