Boating for Kids

Probably the most important part of boating for kids is to teach them boat safety. Boating is an activity that the whole family can enjoy especially kids. Boating safety is something they need to learn […]

Boating Course

When you decide to take up boating as a hobby, theres nothing better you can do for yourself than taking a boating course to learn everything you need to know about before you get on […]

Boating Clubs

No matter where you are located, you will most likely have a boating club nearby. There are literally thousands of different boating clubs that you can join. A quick Internet search brings up over 100,000 […]

Boating Blog

If you love boating and want to share that love with others, why not consider starting your own boating blog? Its easy, fun, and lets you pass on your experiences to others who might enjoy […]

Boating Accidents

Every year, the United States Coast Guard compiles information regarding boating accidents in the United States. These studies are very comprehensive and are based on accident reports filed by boaters who have been involved in […]

Boating Accessories

When you are looking for boating accessories, you may become overwhelmed at the amount of products that are available. Are you wondering just what kinds of boating accessories you really need? The truth is that […]

Summer Boating

When summer hits, theres no better time to go boating on a nice, cool body of water. Its also the time when hundreds of other boaters have the same idea that you do. Summer boating […]